A Magical Unicorn

a magical unicorn

For those that know me very well, know that I am extremely down to earth (even though that last comment makes me sound SUPER humble- LOL).  I don’t get embarrassed easily (if ever) because I know that anything that happens to me, could happen to anyone else too. We’re human. We’re funny. Mr. President’s body does the same things that Ms. Superstar’s body does;  just like yours and mine. Our bodies do strange things and sometimes those things are hysterical. Cliché #1:  Farting, Tooting, and Butt Burps; The Art of Flatulence.

I’m sorry, you may never look at me the same and you might be completely appalled right now, but c’mon. You fart. I fart. We all fart. Farts are funny. Could you imagine if you never tooted?! Our bodies would explode!  Now, that being said, of course there is always a time and a place for everything.  I’m not telling you to go toot at the dinner table. I’m not a COMPLETE savage.

Children love bodily functions. I can’t tell you how many times I have heard parents (myself included) tell their young children not to “potty talk” at the table, in church, meeting the mayor, etc, etc. However, my job as a photographer is to capture the pure essence of your child, including your child’s laughter.  I introduce to you my magical, super-powered camera.

My sweet Nikon is not only my baby, but she has a hidden surprise that only my dearest clients know. Inside my camera lives a magical unicorn. This unicorn is a wondrous creature who survives on children’s laughter alone. He loves to hear their laughter and as long as the children laugh, he will continue to power my camera with….his magical farts.

One day, out of desperation when I needed to make a child laugh, truly laugh, the whole magical unicorn story rolled off my tongue and at that moment, the farting unicorn was born. The child smirked at first. Then, once the shutter opened and closed and she saw the poof within my lens, she laughed. Truly, genuinely laughed.  I have used that countless times since that session and every time it works. It may not be sophisticated and proper but it gets the job done and really at the end of the day, what’s better than a picture capturing the pure innocence of your child laughing?



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