My Mission

*Cue soundtrack music from Mission Impossible*

My name is Jenn and I am a photographer who specializes in families, children and newborns. I love to capture the candid moments of love between families as well as the very “real” moments of giggles and tantrums. As a mother of two children (who have very opposite personalities), I know the importance of capturing the individual characteristics that make your child uniquely special.

My number one goal with each session is to provide you with breathtaking photos that you and your family will cherish for a lifetime.




I am a 30-something year old wife, mother of two, and creative. I have an insanely sarcastic sense of humor that is a tad dark and immature. Random words will instantly make me think of lyrics or movie quotes and it is not uncommon for me to then burst out in song. Singing, painting, drawing, sewing, crafting, and caligraphy are all passions of mine, aside from photography. I am a self-taught ukelele artist that is on the fence of "horrible" and "okay" (but I disguise it by singing louder). I am a go-getter and a high-achiever. I crave knowledge and have so many useless facts in my head just bumbling all around. I love food, espeically chocolate, caramel and the juice of fermented grapes- particularly bubbly. ;) My chocolate chip cookies are pretty much the best things in the world and I make a mean brownie in a mug (how was that so many years ago already?!), but aside from that my skills in the kitchen are much better cooking dinner, than baking sweets.  

Want to know a little more? (geesh ya stalker...) hehe
Here's a blog post from a couple of years ago.